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Refrigerated Air Systems in El Paso,TX

El Paso summers are no joke, with temperatures regularly going above 100 degrees. Old “swamp cooler” type evaporation cooling systems tend to create indoor humidity and air quality issues. By upgrading to refrigerated air systems from Empire Refrigeration, families can stay cooler and more comfortable through the hottest months of the year. Request your free estimate today.

Benefits of a Refrigerated Air System

Refrigerated air systems carry several advantages over the older evaporative air systems. Swamp coolers are not only affected by extreme temperatures but also humidity. Humid air reduces their effectiveness and prevents thorough cooling of your home. The evaporative systems add to indoor air pollution and encourage mold growth. With an upgrade to a refrigerated system, your family will enjoy more efficient, reliable cooling no matter the humidity levels. Air is filtered, preventing bugs, pollen, and dust from being sucked in from outside, keeping the air quality high. Advances in technology mean that today’s units are far more efficient and cost less to run than older cooling systems.

Difference Between Refrigerated Air and Evaporative Air

An evaporative HVAC unit draws cooler outdoor air into the home and forces it through a moisture-soaked cooling pad before circulating the air throughout the home. The system is limited by simple physics: evaporation can only reduce air temperature by a few degrees. Refrigerated air systems circulate air through the unit, exposing the air to coolants, which drastically reduces the temperature before circulating it throughout the home. Installation of a refrigerated air system increases both the cooling efficiency and the value of the home.

Empire Refrigeration offers financing for HVAC installation, repair, and conversion to refrigerated units. Contact us today to learn more about how your home can stay cooler during the hottest days of the summer.



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