Refrigerated Air El Paso

Why you need an Air conditioning in El Paso?

You Need Refrigerated Air or Air conditioning in El Paso. In El Paso summers are no joke. With temperatures going more than 100 degrees. Old swamp cooler! Type old cooling systems tend to create indoor humidity.

And air quality issues. By upgrading to air conditioning systems. From Empire, families can stay more relaxed. And more comfortable during the hottest months of the year. Request your free estimate today.

Benefits of a HVAC Air System

Air conditioning systems carry several advantages. The older swamp cooler air systems. Swamp coolers are not only affected by extreme temperatures. Humid air reduces its power and prevents thorough cooling of your home.

The swamp coolers systems add to indoor air pollution. And encourage mold growth to upgrade to a air conditioning system. With Refrigerated air in el paso. Your family will enjoy more efficient, reliable cooling. No matter the humidity levels.

The filtered air prevents bugs, pollen, and dust. From introducing in from outside, keeping the air quality high. Advanced technology means! That today’s units they are far more efficient.

Air Conditioning Vs Swamp Coolers.

An Old HVAC unit draws cooler outdoor air into the home or office. Circulating the air throughout the house. Simple physics limits the system. Swamp cooler can only reduce air temperature by a few degrees.

Refrigerated air systems circulate air through the unit. We are exposing the air to coolants, which reduces the temperature. Circulating it throughout the home. Installation of an air conditioning system. Increases the cooling efficiency and the value of the house.

Empire offers complete financing options for HVAC installation. Repair and conversion to air conditioning.

Contact us today to learn more! About how your home can stay more relaxed. During the hottest days of the summer.

How to add Home Equity Through HVAC Upgrades

According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, Americans frequently spend large amounts of money on residential remodeling projects each year and see less and less of a return. From 2017 to 2018, the money spent on home remodels nationwide increased by 7.5%, totaling nearly $340 billion. Yet, the average ROI for these projects was only 56% — a decrease of 12% in just one year, as stated in a Remodeling Magazine survey


When you’re planning a renovation project in preparation to sell your home, the key to maximizing ROI and avoiding expensive renovation errors is knowing which upgrades will add the most value. HVAC upgrades will always be a safe bet and a wise investment — and yet, these home improvements are some of the most generally overlooked by homeowners and flippers. 


In today’s market, it’s more dangerous than ever to make the wrong renovations. You could end up wasting thousands of dollars on kitchen and bathroom upgrades that never pay themselves off. Below, you’ll find an explanation of why HVAC upgrades are your best bet, backed by a list of upgrades that will almost always pay off and help you sell your home faster


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