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When it comes to HVAC Installation in El Paso, TX. Empire Refrigeration is the best option. Our qualified residential and commercial professionals. Learn how to maintain and repair systems. To keep your HVAC working. Our HVAC technicians are certified and use only the best tools. We pride ourselves on providing fast, high-quality service.

HVAC Proper Maintenance

Like any major HVAC systems require preventative maintenance. To stay in good working order. Units require different kinds of maintenance. Based on where they are located:
Inside or outside.

With outdoor units, it is important to check certain components. Such as the compressor and its tubing, the control box and wires. Accessories, connections, fan motor and blades. To determine if there is any wear and tear.

It is also important to examine the coil and cabinet. And clean these components when necessary. Being sure to remove any dirt, leaves, or other unwanted debris. It’s essential to verify the unit. That has the proper refrigerant level. And to make any necessary adjustments. Be sure to check the base pan and clear any obstructed drain openings.

Indoor units require additional maintenance. Including checking the ductwork for leaks, cleaning the combustion. Blower housing, replacing or cleaning air filters. And checking the flue system. It is important to turn the system on. And check for any unusual noise or odors. As well as monitor the system’s operation. While the system is running, it is necessary to measure other features.

Including the dry and wet bulb temperatures. The high and low side pressures, and the temperature rise. It is a good idea to have a professional perform this routine. We recommend HVAC maintenance two times per year.

How to Know When you Need an HVAC Repair.

When your HVAC system stops putting out cold air. Or notices unusual odors or noises coming from your system. It’s time to bring in a professional to provide repair services.
If you find moisture in places around your system. Where it doesn’t belong, or if you spot a leak near your system. Have a qualified technician take a look.

Inefficient airflow can also indicate a problem with your HVAC system. Notice that in different parts of your home. Are at very different temperatures. There may be an issue with your thermostat.

Tips for the Best Temperature to Save Money.

Although everyone enjoys a comfortable indoor climate, it is also nice to save money on monthly utility bills. Energy Star recommends keeping your home at 78 degrees. If you find this temperature setting to be too warm, using ceiling fans or electric fans can help provide relief. Taking care to use the dryer and stove during cooler parts of the day also keeps your house from becoming too warm. Empire Refrigeration can provide installation of AC units and many other HVAC services.


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